I Wear Lots Of Hats

R&D, experience, interface, and usability explorer, deep in the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. I'm good in visual design, UX design, and product ops roles, and love solving problems that haven't been solved before. I've made AR, VR, games, and mobile app products friendlier, and brought order to chaos. I believe in developing great experiences by improving methodology, and understanding engagement strategy, workflow, front end development, visual communication, interaction design, prototyping, storytelling, branding, testing, and much more. I'm like the Village People of UX.

Worth A Thousand Words

CREATOR: I work hands-on, explaining concepts and art direction with descriptive graphics rather than hand gestures and scribbles. It's much quicker from vision to execution. I'm comfortable with almost any illustration or UI style, color theory, outsourcing, painting, photography, and asset production for development teams.

A poster of mine won inclusion in an Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences traveling exhibition.

Measures Twice, Cuts Once

DESIGNER: These days markets are sophisticated, and you need a designer to be successful. It's about turning ideas into blueprints. 'Common sense' solutions aren't always the best ones. Design methodologies reduce risk by ensuring products solve real people's problems, and that they're built efficiently rather than impulsively. I live for things like design cycles, taxonomy, experience mapping, engagement loops, and multivariate testing.

Braves the High Seas

CAPTAIN: I've managed teams of artists and developers, and have used outsourcing with my own businesses. When I'm in these kinds of positions, I lead by example and focus on removing obstacles and clarifying goals rather than micromanaging. The clearer the direction, the fewer course corrections needed.

As a lifelong learner, I've completed courses in team leadership, social psychology, user acquisition, product management, business development, finance, design thinking, and more.

Goes To Eleven

MUSICIAN: I was trained in classical piano when I was young, but the sweet little nun who had instructed me for years turned into the devil one day and I swore I'd never go back. Now I write, record, and play everything from guitars to hurdy gurdys (to the delight of my neighbors). Next to visuals, audio design can be the most powerful part of an experience!

A song I covered was published on a national tribute album, and a series of television ads I scored won awards, too.

  • Activision
  • Band Hero
  • Guitar Hero
  • Crayola
  • Zya Music
  • Tony Hawk

I Love Startups!

Unlock Critical Early Value: UX design talent can create more immediate value for your company than any other resource you can hire, and the earlier the better. Have you ever asked for directions on a road trip? A couple minutes can save you hours and avoid hazards. I'm experienced in all this and more:
  • Usability Testing
  • Audience Research
  • Concept Validation
  • Collateral Materials
  • Investment Pitches
  • Vaporware Demos
  • Naming
  • Logo and Identity
  • Web presence
  • Product Management
  • Interaction Design
  • User Journeys

People call me creative

June 17, 2015
logos x5

Logo Mania

I've worked on a lot of identity programs. Check out some of the logos here!
June 15, 2015


Being equally analytical as well as creative means you’ll often find me using interpretive frameworks and doing methodical investigations.
June 13, 2015
painting: Hobo Batman (small)


I paint traditionally (gouache, oil) and digitally.
June 13, 2015
Guitar Hero Rock Meter

Guitar Hero Series

Examples from all the Guitar Hero games I did UI and UX development for.
June 12, 2015
Truth Is In Sight (small)

Truth Is In Sight

In 1996 I wrote the quote that guided much of my career. What I didn’t anticipate was that twenty years later we’d be satiated by the appearance of authenticity, or “truthiness,” as Stephen Colbert coined it in 2005.
April 16, 2015
AM73B Guitar


I discovered I can apply every musical fundamental I learn to art, and vice versa. Visual and audio communications flow from the same well.
May 13, 2014

Tony Hawk Style Explorations

Sometimes a picture's worth a thousand words, but motion graphics are worth ten thousand.
May 13, 2014
Need More? Check out a bunch of other art here. Painting and Illustration UX and UI Layout and Graphic Design Logos and Icons  
  • 2019Mojo Vision

    Eye-based UX and UI for smart contact lenses.
  • 2018Verizon

    RYOT Labs: augmented reality design and R&D for 5G media and advertising SDK.
  • 2016NextVR

    $115 million virtual reality technology and media developer, and Fast Company's #9 Most Innovative AR/VR Company 2017
  • 2014UXecutive

    UX, Marketing, and Product Design consulting: Crayola AR products, development strategy presentation for new music publishing technology, new construction toy
  • 2010Zya Music

    Art Director and VP UX at ~$36 Million startup empowering non-musicians to create professional sounding songs. Awarded three design patents
  • 2004Activision

    Neversoft Entertainment: Interface and UX for the Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero series of video games. A song of mine won inclusion in Guitar Hero, and I won an Academy of Arts & Sciences award
  • DiscoverWare | Drake International

    Shipped 30 cutting edge eLearning titles over 6 years, first as Art Director, then as Marketing Manager
  • Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications

    Alberta University of the Arts (Canada): graduated with Distinction and a number of scholarships, grants, and awards

Things I Love

  • C Kao
    ...has a great mind for product life cycles and game design. He's a really quick study and very clear in communicating key factors in game design to keep things interesting and how to retain players. He also really understands the importance of the design cycle and is great at bringing ideas down from blue sky, to prototype, to final production.
    C Kao
    Lead Designer and Producer
  • D McLaren
    ...his insight, reliability, design focus, resourcefulness, and analytical eye has been a guiding light to many (both above and below him). Most people have "great ideas", but Davidicus' specialty is his ability to visualize those ideas as a real product and to create a user experience around that product where users genuinely feel delighted to engage with.
    D McLaren
    Consultant, Game Designer, Creative Director
  • R Valerio
    ...ensured the customer's requirements and technical details were captured and documented precisely. The project was a success due to his diligence and efforts in managing the timeline, budget, client concerns and resources.
    R Valerio
    Senior Security Consultant
  • K Gutierrez
    ...is a perfectionist and a great leader. He has a personality that I think fits well with being an entrepreneur. His eye for design and management skills are a great combination for a successful start-up and company leader.
    K Gutierrez
    Founder, Fancy Turnip
  • S Nowroski

    Professional, brilliant and personable are the words that come to mind when I think of davidicus.

    S Nowroski
    Celero Incorporated
  • I Medrano
    ...a fantastic lateral thinker. I highly recommend him for leadership positions in the fields of graphic and user-interface design. He's a remarkable character that is very easy to work with, and he'll consistently surprise you with his inventive and imaginative solutions
    I Medrano
    Writer, Concept Artist, and IP Developer
  • Scott Werner
    Your signature says UI, so I wanted to say that I really like the UI for this game. The design is clean and all of the video overlays add a fun touch. Of all the Hawk games this is my favorite design so far (and you guys usually do a great job with the interface).
    Scott Werner
    Shaba Games
  • T Hernandez
    You have an amazing passion for your work. You love process, and the psychology of design. I learned SO MUCH working with you about the power of "just letting it be" <...> You are an artist who craves chaos and order simultaneously, and truth be told, I don't know how you keep all of that balanced in your head at the same time without going crazy.
    T Hernandez
    Project Manager
  • D MacKenzie
    ...is incredibly passionate and driven in his pursuits. I've known him for over 20 years, and Dave has continually impressed me with his ability to keep pushing the envelope of creativity, while revolutionizing on a continuous basis.
    D MacKenzie
    Graphic Designer, Illustrator, User Interface Architect