How Good Design Saves Money

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June 9, 2015
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June 4, 2015

Design Process Saves Money

Ignoring the design cycle is costly
Process allows you to catch problems sooner, saving time and money

W hether a product performs well or not, I'm convinced a design cycle is a fantastic way to build better products more reliably and cost effectively.

It's tempting to rush through production or take shortcuts, anxious to see how a product does in the real world—especially when budget is limited. This is a gamble. More often than not, products are flawed or fail outright, and addressing what customers need means going back through the process all over again. If a business is overlooking proven design practices, success is likely to be very hit or miss.

I recommend putting the most effort into the earliest stages, doing plenty of formal research to ensure the business case is promising, and there's a solid understanding of the problem you're solving for customers. This doesn't require large teams of people, but sets later teams up with the clarity and purpose they need to succeed. I encourage people to be willing to honestly assess whether it's ever necessary to return to these stages if realizations come to light or assumptions need questioning.

Powering through development or skipping testing should be avoided at all costs. There is a kind of debt that piles up as things need to be redesigned and reprogrammed. When a product makes it all the way to market, not only will defects demand payment of this production debt, they will also cost you customers, loyalty, and brand equity!

Save money, time, and frustration by designing and building products methodically.